Forward College
Comparative Politics (B.A., 33h), 2022-23
Foreign Policy Analysis (B.A., 33h), 2022-23

Sciences Po Paris
Challenges to Democracy, Summer 2022
Populism in a Comparative Perspective, Summer 2021

University of Surrey
Politics and Representation (B.A., 22h), Spring 2019-2022
Challenges to Democracy (B.A., 22h), Spring 2020, 2022
Introduction to Political Science (B.A., 22h), Fall 2019-2021
Populism in a Comparative Perspective (B.A., 22h), Fall 2019-2021
Perspectives on the UK Parliament (B.A., 22h), Spring 2019

Centro de Investigación y Docencia Económicas
Comparative Public Opinion Seminar (B.A., 64h), Spring 2017

Université Catholique de Louvain
Political Behavior: Citizens and Elites (w/ P. Baudewyns, M.A., 24h), Fall 2015

Sciences Po Paris
Introduction to Political Science (B.A., 24h), Spring 2012, 2014
Math Camp – An introduction to quantitative science (M.A., 12h), Spring 2014
Statistics and Data Analysis for Policy Makers, level 1 (M.A., 26h), Fall 2012, 2013
Statistics and Data Analysis for Policy Makers, level 2 (M.A., 24h), Fall 2012, 2013
Socio-political cleavages in Europe (w/ B. Cautrè​s, B.A., 24h), Fall 2010, 2012, 2013
Introduction to Quantitative Analysis (w/ B. Cautrès, M.A., 24h), Fall 2011, 2013
Advanced Policy Analysis (w/ E. Beasley, M.A., 12h), Fall 2013
Far Right Politics in Western Europe (B.A., 24h), Spring 2012
Personalisation of Politics (w/ T. Vitiello, B.A., 24h), Spring 2012

University of Amsterdam
Introduction to Political Science Research (B.A., 24h), Spring 2011

Marquette University
European Politics (B.A., guest-lecturer), Spring 2009
Intermediate French (B.A., assistant), Spring 2007