image2I am currently a visiting professor  in the Political Studies Division (DEP) of the Centro de Investigación y Docencia Económicas (CIDE) in Mexico. Previously, I held positions as an FSR Fellow at the Université Catholique de Louvain (Belgium), an NU Fellow at Northwestern University (USA), an Adjunct Lecturer (ATER) and Research Fellow at Sciences Po Paris (France), a Visiting Researcher and Lecturer at the University of Amsterdam (the Netherlands) and a Marie Curie Early Stage Researcher at the University of Vienna (Austria).

I received my PhD from Sciences Po Paris in 2013 with the dissertation entitled “Trans-national diffusion patterns between West European far right parties: Towards a systematic framework of analysis”. I received the highest mention, with unanimous congratulations of the jury. I hold additional degrees from Marquette University (USA) and the University of Antwerp (BE).

My primary research agenda has two principal axes that revolve around the primordial question whether we can really speak of a right-wing shift of politics and society, and if so, how we can explain this. A first axis focuses on comparative political behaviour, and particularly from a demand-side perspective. On one hand, I am interested in the composition and evolution of political behaviour. I particularly focus on public opinion, but also its interdependence with policy, institutions and political actors. On the other hand, I am interested how different issues (dimensions) characterise the political space (number), what the causal relations between the different dimensions are (form), and what the substantive constructions are of these dimensions (content).

More in line with my dissertation research, my second research axis examines the development of populism and political extremism, as well as the challenges they provide to (liberal) democracy. I am interested in the development of a comprehensive explanatory framework of both these concepts, including variables and processes, dynamics and structures, and long- and short-term components.

Finally, a number of my side-projects integrate the analysis of different forms of inequality, both within and between representation (elite) and participation (mass), and how contextual factors can explain inequalities.

Currently, my academic contributions have appeared, or are forthcoming, in a number of edited volumes and the journals Acta Politica, Comparative European Politics, Electoral Studies, European Journal of Political Research, European Societies, the Journal of Future Studies, and Public Opinion Quarterly. I am also the co-author (w/ Pascal Perrineau) of the forthcoming book “The current state of affairs: Far right parties in Western Europe” (Palgrave). In addition, I have been commissioned by public and private organisations  and I provide regular comments and feedback for media outlets.

I am currently the principal investigator of the Global Public Opinions Project (GPOP), a cooperative international research effort that sets out to advance the knowledge of public opinion at different levels of analysis and across the world. I am also a Research Fellow in the project ‘Pathways to Power: The Political Representation of Citizens of Immigrant Origin in Seven European Democracies’ (PATHWAYS) and one of the co-investigators and coordinator of BE-PATHWAYS, the Belgian expansion of the PATHWAYS project.

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