image2I am currently an Associate Professor at Forward College (Paris) and an affiliated Fellow at Radboud University (Nijmegen). I am the principal investigator of the Global Public Opinions Project, a cooperative research effort that sets out to advance the knowledge of public opinion and its different components across the world. I am also a team leader for Team Populism, an international network of scholars studying the causes and consequences of populism.

My main research agenda focuses on two interrelated axes, namely (i) how different components of democracy interact with one another and across different levels of analysis, and (ii) how they get challenges or potentially challenge each other. This first axis primarily centres on the (lack of) responsive dynamics between citizens and elites. I am particularly interested in comparative political behaviour and public opinion trends, as well as their composition, origins and policy effects. A second research axis revolves around dynamics that challenge that democratic set-up, and most notably its liberal and representative components. This constitutes — but is not limited to — social and economic inequalities, as well as political extremism. Here, much of my research focuses on  the empirical relationship between populism and democracy.  

Currently, my academic contributions have appeared, or are forthcoming, in Acta Politica, Comparative European Politics, Electoral Studies, Ethnic and Racial Studies, European of Futures ResearchEuropean Journal of Political Research, European Political Science ResearchEuropean Societies, International Journal of Public Opinion Research, Journal of Contemporary European Studies, Journal of European Integration, Journal of European Public PolicyPolitics, West European Politics and a number of edited volumes.

I received my PhD from Sciences Po Paris with the dissertation entitled “Trans-national diffusion patterns between West European far right parties: Towards a systematic framework of analysis”. I hold additional degrees from Marquette University and the University of Antwerp. Previously, I held positions as an Associate Professor at the University of Surrey, a Humboldt Fellow at the Johannes Gutenberg Universitat Mainz, a Visiting Professor at the Centro de Investigación y Docencia Económicas (CIDE), an FSR Fellow at the Université Catholique de Louvain, an NU Fellow at Northwestern University, an Adjunct Lecturer (ATER) and Research Fellow at Sciences Po Paris and a Marie Curie Early Stage Researcher at the University of Vienna.

I serve as an associate editor for the ECPR’s open-access journal Political Research Exchange and the Methods and Measurement section of the open-access journal Frontiers in Political Science